A turquoise gem surrounded by windswept rangeland in the heart of Southern Argentina, Lago Strobel is the ultimate juxtaposition of abundance and desolation.

An enormous population of aquatic insects, low angling pressure, and few natural predators combine to create a near-perfect environment for rainbow trout to quickly grow to incredible sizes. It's not uncommon to encounter multiple fish per day in the 14 to 20-pound range. Because the trout are so massive, Lago Strobel is often referenced using the unofficial moniker "Jurassic Lake."

The typically windy conditions on the lake create waves that dislodge scuds and other aquatic forage. The biomass becomes concentrated in specific locations along the shoreline, providing anglers excellent opportunities for sight-fishing. That being said, making long and accurate casts in sustained winds of 20mph or more can be a challenge without the right equipment. We found the NRX+ 690 and NRX+ S 790 and 890 performed best in these conditions. Dynamic Recovery Technology helps develop high line speed and stable loops to cut through wind on a forward cast and provides "feel" for controlling line-load on a backcast when the wind pushes from behind.

We were fortunate to stay at the fabulous Jurassic Lake Lodge, which holds exclusive access to the mouth of the Barrancosso River. Being the sole tributary to Lago Strobel, hundreds of the lake's monster rainbow trout stage year-round in this area in preparation to enter the river to spawn. Here, the fishing is absolutely incredible.

Simultaneously harsh and lush, the landscape surrounding Lago Strobel provides many exciting opportunities for viewing wildlife and other natural phenomenons.