New from G. Loomis: A Tactical Tandem of Finesse Fly Rods

G. Loomis Delivers Specialized Tools that Fly Anglers Demand

G. Loomis rods enable success by boosting anglers’ natural ability in any setting where a fly is cast. Now, G. Loomis reveals two new fly rods with purpose-driven design: The IMX-PROe for euro nymphing and the IMX-PROc for stalking fish in small creeks.

All IMX-PRO fly rods, including the new IMX-PROe and IMX-PROc, share common technological roots designed to give anglers the advantage. G. Loomis handcrafts these rods using high-modulus, high-strength graphite fibers and advanced GL7 nanotechnology resin to yield a light, sensitive, and durable blank. Exclusive Conduit Core Technology creates a thinner blank to reduce its overall weight while providing additional reinforcement with strategic scrim placement to yield precise tapers and technique-specific flex. Each IMX-PRO rod also incorporates proprietary Multi-Taper Design to enhance durability while further decreasing the blank’s weight. A series of “micro tapers” within the overall taper of the rod, G. Loomis’ innovative Multi-Taper Design process enables rod engineers to use more material on potential stress points and less material everywhere else. The result is a broad library of precisely defined rod lengths, powers, and actions that strike the perfect balance between durability and performance. IMX-PRO Euro and IMX-PRO Creek rods incorporate these core technologies, with additional features and specifications coupled to their target applications.


Lift. Lob. Repeat. Downright deadly, modern euro nymphing is a beyond-proven tactic for boosting catch count. For many anglers – especially those in high-traffic fisheries with pressured fish – it’s one of the best ways to achieve maximum effectiveness. True disciples of this method require specialized tools with innovative actions and components configured to satisfy a set of unique tactical demands – like the new G. Loomis IMX-PROe.

“Euro nymphing has become widely popularized over the past three decades, and since its introduction, G. Loomis has offered several rods designed for this technique,” notes Steve Rejeff, G. Loomis Director of Engineering. “What we now have in the IMX-PROe is a highly-refined, lightweight, quick-responding rod with a sensitive tip, designed to be used with very thin leader tippets and to absorb the reaction of the hooked fish as it attempts to escape.”

At 10’ (#2, IMX-PRO E 2100-4) or 10’6” (#3, IMX-PRO E 3106-4), the IMX-PROe keeps as much line off the water as possible as the angler guides the fly down current, watching for a strike. Then, the sensitive tip and moderate power midsection provide a positive hookset, absorb the fight, and bring the fish to hand. Indeed, the benefits of Multi-Taper Design are on full display in the IMX-PROe . “The very tip end of the rod is quite flexible and forgiving,” states Rejeff. “Then, the second and third sections of the rod develop a little more lifting power and capability for quicker hooksets. The butt section of the rod is notably stiff so that there is enough power to draw the fish in close to the angler for landing.”

Additional refinements continue along the length of the IMX-PROe: The cork handle is slender and provides a comfortable grip for anglers that hold the rod close to the reel. The hook keeper is relocated forward on the rod to allow anglers to cradle the blank with their forefinger for increased feel and sensitivity. Thoughtfully designed guide placement, starting at the stripper guide, eliminates line droops and sags and ensures full contact between the line and the guides.

With a moderate flex pattern and generous power through the bottom half of the blank, the G. Loomis IMX-PROe loads easily for improved casting accuracy without sacrificing the “oomph” behind the hookset. Premium construction and components round out the feature set in this purpose-driven euro nymphing powerhouse. The IMX-PROe is available for purchase at G. Loomis authorized dealers with an MSRP of $575.


Small water. Big rewards. Now more than ever, anglers are searching for new opportunities to explore the path less traveled. Avoiding crowded waterways in search of solitude not only offers a pause from the hectic pace of everyday life, but it’s also an excellent way to find that happy, unpressured fish of a lifetime. G. Loomis now unveils the IMX-PROc, the ultimate tool for after-work solo missions and alpine weekend wanderings.

“So many anglers live close to smaller creeks that teem with trout, and G. Loomis engineers wanted to craft a high-quality rod that would shine in this environment,” remarks Rejeff. “The result is the IMX-PROc, which is a little shorter than the typical fly rod, and one that delivers crispness and responsiveness in tight quarters.”

Measuring 7’9”, the IMX-PROc leverages Conduit Core Technology and Multi-Taper Design to deliver a powerful rod that handles expertly with casts ranging from 15 to 40 feet – typical casting distances that creek-patrolling anglers encounter when presenting small to medium-sized flies. “On a windy day, or when fishing larger patterns or tandem flies – like a hopper and dropper – I recommend the #4 (IMX-PRO C 479-4),” continues Rejeff. “The #3 (IMX-PRO C 379-4) is a great, general-purpose creek rod. Anglers should select the #2 (IMX-PRO C 279-4) when casting the smallest midge patterns on the thinnest tippet to small brookies in babbling streams.”

For post-work solo missions or alpine weekend wanderings, the G. Loomis IMX-PRO Creek blends a compact length and a stable tip to create a moderate action that loads short and tracks true. Wrapped in a shorter sock and protective tube that’s equally at home lashed to a pack or stowed under the bench seat in the truck, the IMX-PROc is ready for big adventures on small waters. The IMX-PROc is available for purchase at G. Loomis authorized dealers with an MSRP of $525.