In 1982, set to satisfy mounting demand for tools that expand tactical opportunity, boost effectiveness and enhance natural ability, G. Loomis began handcrafting rods in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. The focus: forge deeply innovative, purposefully designed, technologically superior tools that dramatically heighten an angler’s experience on the water. Nearly 40 years later, the vision for us remains unchanged.

Each new series is tangible proof of our unwavering commitment to push the possibilities of blank performance and durability. Seizing opportunities to reimagine, reinvent and reinforce is the cornerstone of our design process. The individual most responsible for maintaining this philosophy is G. Loomis Chief Designer, Steve Rajeff.

Since joining G. Loomis in 1986, Rajeff’s primary role has been to design each series utilizing industry leading technologies and materials to develop actions that meet the stringent expectations of rabid anglers. His vast experience tournament casting, guiding and fishing in countless environments across the globe offers a genuinely unique perspective to developing new products.

In 1987, during an initial field test of the original IMX fly rods, Rajeff was astounded by the casting characteristics of high-modulus graphite, a material uncommonly used in blank construction at the time. This breakthrough innovation set a new, industry-wide benchmark for performance. The series delivered actions that were powerful, yet sensitive, responsive and light in hand. Drawing inspiration from this formative moment in our company’s history, Rajeff grew determined to create a series that shared the same pioneering DNA of the original IMX family, combined with modern materials and advanced manufacturing processes. “We completely reimagined the first IMX series. We held on to some of the good, then built the rest from scratch. IMX-PRO is superior in both weight and sensitivity. New, proprietary resin systems and scrim material greatly increased durability and strength. Every action was meticulously fine-tuned to meet very specific requirements for various fishing applications. Utilizing lighter, not less guides, we created a blank with improved sensitivity that naturally becomes an extension of the angler’s body”, Rajeff said.

Leaders in technology, innovation and design, the G. Loomis heritage in the fishing community was built on a foundation of trust. Our commitment to broadly exceed customer’s expectations is not lost on Rajeff. He continues, “I deeply appreciate that so many people trust the work I’ve done throughout my career. Designing products for anglers who trust that we have their enjoyment and effectiveness on the water in mind brings me a great deal of satisfaction”.

IMX-PRO is a game-changing addition to the experienced angler’s tackle toolkit. Each model in the family is wrapped with unique, genuine and thoughtful G. Loomis innovation from tip to grip. Feel every piece of structure. Every bite. Feel confident knowing you’re holding the right tool for the task at hand.