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Ultralight anglers must weigh a myriad of factors to find success on the water. Decoding the right combination of water conditions and fish behavior is only part of the equation. Arriving equipped with tools built for specific techniques accelerates an angler's ability to "crack the code." Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington, GCX LITE is a collection of lengths and essential actions covering a broad range of light-line angling applications. The series features extra-sensitive tips designed to facilitate long, accurate casts while also improving detection of subtle "bumps" while working small baits. Utilizing G. Loomis' proprietary Multi-Taper Design technology, GCX LITE provides anglers with ultra-durable yet lightweight blanks to boost confidence and enjoyment on the water. GCX LITE sets the standard for light-duty spinning rod performance, dependability, and versatility.

Caractéristiques essentielles

  • Multi-Taper Design
  • SeaGuide Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Premium Cork Handles
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, WA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Caractéristiques technologiques

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Galerie d'image des produits

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Modèles offerts

GCX LITE SPINNING Product Variants
UGS Model LongueurPowerAction PiècesLine (lb)Lure (oz)Poignée
13000-01 GCX 9000-2S SR 7'6"Ultra légerVite 2 2-61/32-3/16C
12983-01 GCX 5600S SR 4'8"Ultra légerVite 1 2-61/32-3/16A
12984-01 GCX 6000S SR 5'0"Ultra légerModérer 1 2-61/32-3/16A
12985-01 GCX 6600S SR 5'6"Ultra légerModérer 1 2-61/32-3/16A
12986-01 GCX 7200S SR 6'0"Ultra légerVite 1 2-61/32-3/16A
12987-01 GCX 7200-2S SR 6'0"Ultra légerVite 2 2-61/32-3/16A
12988-01 GCX 720S SR 6'0"LumièreVite 1 4-81/16-5/16A
12989-01 GCX 7800S SR 6'6"Ultra légerVite 1 2-61/32-3/16B
12990-01 GCX 7800-2S SR 6'6"Ultra légerVite 2 2-61/32-3/16B
12991-01 GCX 780S SR 6'6"LumièreVite 1 4-81/16-5/16B
12992-01 GCX 780-2S SR 6'6"LumièreVite 2 4-81/16-5/16B
12993-01 GCX 781-2S SR 6'6"Lumière moyenneVite 2 4-101/8-3/8B
12994-01 GCX 8400S SR 7'0"Ultra légerVite 1 2-61/32-3/16C
12995-01 GCX 8400-2S SR 7'0"Ultra légerVite 2 2-61/32-3/16C
12996-01 GCX 840S SR 7'0"LumièreVite 1 4-81/16-5/16C
12997-01 GCX 840-2S SR 7'0"LumièreVite 2 4-81/16-5/16C
12998-01 GCX 841-2S SR 7'0"Lumière moyenneVite 2 4-101/8-3/8C




    Since 1982, we’ve pushed the boundaries of manufacturing technology, materials innovation, and product design. That’s why G. Loomis rods deliver superior performance, heightening angler experience and effectiveness on the water. While there are countless examples of this philosophy in action, one technology in particular encapsulates our drive to build the most advanced rods in the world: Multi-Taper Design.

    Multi-Taper Design is best described as a series of “micro-tapers” within the overall taper of the rod. This unique, proprietary process allows us to use more material on potential break points and less material everywhere else. To accomplish this, we manufactured a custom rolling table...and it’s the only one in existence today. The result is a catalog of precisely defined actions that strike a perfect balance between durability and performance.

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